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Prevention Education

Educating the public is one of the most effective tools for reducing domestic violence. The Laurel House Community Educators provide free, interactive professional development, and other speaking engagements.  Suggested audiences include: parents, educators, classroom (middle school, high school, college), athletes, coaches, student organizations, faith leaders, medical staff, law enforcement, youth groups, Greek Life, etc.

Our highly trained staff and volunteers can provide customized training on any of the following topics:

  • Overview of Laurel House
  • Domestic Violence 101
  • Dynamics of Domestic Violence
  • Domestic Violence & Children
  • Domestic Violence & Law Enforcement
  • Screening for Domestic Violence in the Medical Setting
  • Friendship Fundamentals & Healthy Relationships*
  • How to Get Help
  • How to Help a Loved One, Friend, or Co-worker

The content of each presentation can be adjusted to meet the needs and focus of your particular group.

Friendship Fundamentals and Healthy Relationships Program

Nearly 1 in 3 teens will experience some form of physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual abuse within a dating relationship. Laurel House offers Prevention Education Programs to help keep young people informed and safe within their friendships and dating relationships. Typically presented in schools (middle schools through college settings), this curriculum covers:

  • Creating a framework for building and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Defining and differentiating between healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationships
  • Recognizing warning signs and patterns of abusive relationships
  • Safely ending an abusive relationship and community resources/services available to help
  • Develop bystander intervention strategies for helping a friend
  • Responding appropriately to a friend who may be an abuser
  • Identifying societal areas of learned unhealthy/abusive behaviors and how stereotypes may impact relationships

Click here for a description of each of the available school programs.

If you would like to schedule a presentation, please contact Maureen Murray at 610-277-1860 ext. 121.