Sunday November 23, 2014
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Cut It Out


Laurel House has partnered with “Cut It Out” to provide outreach and training to salon professionals about domestic violence and to offer resources for the victims whom they encounter.  Below is some background information on the “Cut It Out” Program:

Originally a statewide program in Alabama created by The Women's Fund of Greater Birmingham and the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence, CUT IT OUT trained over 500 Alabama salon professionals in 2002. As Grants Allocation Chair for this organization, Southern Living At HOME Founder and Executive Director Dianne Mooney envisioned a program that would reach nationwide.

During this time, the National Cosmetology Association and Clairol Professional had separately identified domestic abuse as an area in which both could make a difference. The three organizations formed a partnership to take CUT IT OUT national in March 2003.

If you would like to get more information about Laurel House's "Cut It Out" Program for salons and spas, or if you would like to schedule a training on domestic violence for your salon staff, please contact (610) 277-1860.

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