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Children's Program

handsChildren are the secondary victims of domestic violence and often feel responsible for causing the abuse. To assist children in dealing with the trauma of exposure to violence at home, the Children's Program Team offers individual & group activities to help children learn the skills to cope with their environment and resolve conflicts without violence.

In addition to the direct work with the children, the Children's Program Team also works with the parents in our Shelter, Transitional Housing and Counseling programs to assist them in addressing their children’s emotional needs after the family's life has been disrupted by domestic violence. Some examples include helping parents with understanding children's reactions to the abuse, non-violent disciplinary techniques, understanding child development, referring parents and children to schools and social service agencies as appropriate.

The Children's Program Team is also available to present age-appropriate curricula to early elementary school-age children, and to caretakers and educators of children ages pre-k through 4th grade. If you would like more information, please call 610-277-1860 ext. 118.

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